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At Centre Pointe we pride ourselves in providing only the very best training in all faculties of dance, drama, pilates and singing and we excel in being able to cater for all ages and standards from the total beginner through to the full time vocational student.

Youth Dance Company The first Classical / Contemporary Youth Dance Company Based in the North West for dancers aged 14 to 21 Years.

  • Do you love Ballet?
  • Do you love Contemporary Dance?
  • Do you like to choreograph / Improvise?
  • Or do you want to develop any of these skills to further your dance training and career potential?
The Pointe is the first Youth Dance Company that aims to focus on the technical aspects of Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance whist developing skills in choreography and improvisation. It is open to all dancers from diverse backgrounds, aged 14 to 21 years with experience in classical or contemporary dance, or with creative flair.